The sun appears to shine because of its rays…
But the rays themselves are produced by the Sun
In fact, that glorious Sun and its shining
Are the same.






My way of life changed towards living Yoga in 2003 and Ayurvedic way of life in 2006.
My teaching experience started in 1999 (dance background).
Coming originally from Czech Republic, have been dedicated to dance and the rhythms of the seasons from my very early age.
From 2006 till 2015 have been running as a founder Sadhana Yoga Studio in Eindhoven – The Netherlands.
Recently after living in the Netherlands for 16 years moved in December 2015 completely to Greece, Athens and Santorini.


After my colorful journey of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga I started to study with Shiva Rea in 2008.
I felt immediately drawn to the practice as it corresponds with my own life, rhythm and flow.
Since 2009 assisted Shiva Rea regular on her Global retreats and events in Europe and South America (Costa Rica).


In the classes i cultivate the deep awareness of yoga, including movement meditation, using music, mudras, mantras and poetry cues to deepen the flow.
Love to allow my students to feel the natural inner flow of their bodies. Let them be completely themselves and get inspired to explore their own yoga path on the mat.
Riding the waves of breath, change and life rhythms.
Living, loving, pulsing and serving life in all forms.


Along with being dedicated to my living yoga and Ayurvedic way of life, I share my love with my partner and my two French bulldogs goddesses, named Satya and Sukha. Loving the horseback rides and daily surf the waves of life.

Being so grateful for everything in my life, especially for the opportunity to be able to share my experience, knowledge and to teach my classes.
Recently building my base in Santorini, preparing early Spring and Autumn retreats. Offering my online Mentorship program and Ayurvedic massages with love and gratitude.
Stay tuned, the path will continue.
All of this in balance with nature and my surroundings.

Now i offer the salutation to all of you
who are the well-spring to the garden of Sadhana