If we can not find the harmony in our everyday actions, we will not find it anywhere else.


Ayurveda emerged from the spiritual texts of ancient India, known as the Vedas, or ‘books of wisdom’. These date back at least five thousand years and are widely regarded as humanity’s oldest literature. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word, derived from two roots: ‘Ayur’ which means life and the unionof the mind, body, senses and soul, and ‘Veda’ meansknowledge. Ayurveda then means the ‘Knowledge of Life’.

Ayurveda looks at life and it nature with the wisdom of Mother Nature herself. As a philosophy of life, Ayurveda teaches us to live in harmony with the basic laws of nature. As a complete medical science, Ayurveda offers us a holistic guide map for awakening our healing potential.
The underlying prescription of Ayurvedic medicine is quite simple: recognize the power of self-healing within, and you will become your own greatest doctor.
The ‘average person’ or ‘standardized treatment’ simply doesn’t exist in Ayurvedic medicine.
Ayurveda teaches us to honor and support our true individual nature.

For millennia, humans rose with the sun, ate fresh locally grown food, celebrate the passing of the moons and seasons, and gave thanks for the abundance of Mother Nature.
Every day, two primary cycles of change occur in the body.
The first cycle takes place between sunrise and sunset.
During the daytime cycle
, the Sun heats both the Earth and our bodies. We absorb energy from the Sun, as well as information from our surrounding environment. We also absorb nutrients into our bodies through the foods we eat.
The second cycle takes place between sunset and sunrise.
This night time cycle
is a time when both the Earth and our bodies cool down and rest. During this time, our attention turns inward to digest the information, food, and energies of the day. During sleep, nutrients are transformed into bodily tissues, and our daily thoughts, emotions and experiences become our dreams.


A DAILY ROUTINE is essential for maintaining good health and for transformation of our body, mind, and consciousness to a higher level of functioning.
A regulated daily routine puts us in harmony with nature’s rhythms.
It establishes balance in our constitution and helps to regularize our biological clock.
Our body is a CLOCK. Or rather, it is several clocks at once.